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Adding Blocks in Moodle

Add blocks and extra tools to Moodle sidebars, including the Panopto block.

Adding Labels to Moodle

Create labels in Moodle to add text, media, and organize content.

Backing up a Moodle Course

Back up Moodle course materials to move to a different course page.

Course Visibility and Access

Update the visibility of a Moodle page to give students access.

Creating and Managing Moodle Groups

Create and manage groups for collaborative projects, presentations, and grading group assignments.

Editing in Moodle

Activate editing for updating a Moodle course page.

Grayed Out Quizzes in the Gradebook

Fix grayed out quizzes/exams in the Moodle gradbook.

Moodle Assignment Activity

The Assignment Activity in Moodle allows students to do homework and other materials - create custom settings for submission and grading.

Moodle Dashboard Overview

General navigation of the Moodle Dashboard and how to find course pages.

Moodle Metacourses

Metacourses and how to request a new Moodle metacourse.

Requesting New Moodle Plugins

Adding new plugins or tools added to Moodle.

Restore a Moodle Course

Restore your course content to a new Moodle page.

Suspended Enrollment and Course Changes

Suspended status and enrollment changes in Moodle.

Using the Gradebook - Starting Out

Setting up the Moodle gradebook to match a syllabus, navigating the gradebook, and how to add items for grading.

Where is the new Moodle server?

Locating the new Moodle website and requesting a Draft Course page.