Create Groupings in Moodle

When a course has more than one set of Groups, say a group for each of two sections of the course and small groups within each course for forum discussions, it is necessary to create a Grouping of the groups in that set, so that Moodle can properly assign participants to their correct groups.

Creating a Grouping

Select Participants from the left side menu.

From the Participants page, click on the gear icon and select Groups from the drop-down menu.

Screen image of Participants page with drop-down menu below settings gear icon with arrow pointing to the Groups menu item

Choose the Groupings tab at the top of the page and click the Create grouping button.

Screen image of Groups page in Moodle with arrow pointing to tab with the name Groupings

Enter a Grouping name and save..

Screen image of Moodle grouping page with text fields for Grouping name, Grouping ID number and Grouping description

Adding Groups to a Grouping

To add Groups to this Grouping, click on the profile icon under Edit to the right of the group name.

Screen image of Moodle Groupings tab with arrow pointing to person/profile icon under Edit heading

On the following page highlight the Groups to be added to the Grouping. Consecutive groups can be selected with shift + click, non-consecutive group names can be selected with ctrl + click (groups may also be added individually). Once groups have been selected,  click on the Add button to the left of the Group list. When finished, select Back to groupings.

Screen shot of Moodle Groupings page showing a list of group names on the right and an empty box to the left. A button with the text Add and a grayed out button with the text Remove sit between the two boxes.

Editing a Grouping

Groupings can be modified at any time from the Groupings tab (see image above) by clicking either on the icons to the right of the Grouping name under Edit. To edit the Grouping name, click on the gear icon, to delete the Grouping, click on the trash can, and to modify which groups are in the Grouping, click on the profile icon.


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