Locked Out of Previous Moodle Pages

I am unable to access a course on a previous Moodle Server

If you are able to log into the previous Moodle server but unable to access all of your previous Moodle pages, there could be 2 reasons for this:

  • Students - The faculty for your previous courses may have hidden in the page. If you need access to content from a course that no longer appears on your Moodle dashboard, please contact the faculty who taught the course. 
  • Faculty - The SIS/Moodle sync will occasionally remove faculty from courses on previous Moodle servers. When this happens -  please contact the IT Helpdesk and we can re-establish the connection!
    • If access is needed to a course that was taught by a different faculty member, email approval from the department chair will be needed before the Moodle team can grant access.

For any additional questions on accessing Moodle courses from a previous year, contact the IT Helpdesk!

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