Recently Modified Articles

Where to find ArcGIS Pro on campus and how to set up an account.
Create a virtual reality (vr) tour with 360 photography in Google Earth VR Tour Creator.
Create quick, interactive map projects that combine text and media with geographic locations.
Create interactive timelines that combine text and media content - embed on website or share on Moodle.
Recommendations for reducing the size of a Moodle course including: managing video and audio files, adding Microsoft Office files, and converting content to Google Drive.
Back up Moodle course materials to move to a different course page.
Add an override to reopen a Moodle quiz or assignment after it has closed or give additional time for accomodations.
This article describes the steps to set up the allocation of assessments in a Moodle workshop during the Submission phase.
This article explains the Moodle Workshop assessment phase, and how it appears to both instructors an students.
This article details the Grading evaluation phase of Moodle's Workshop activity, and how to set up grading and modify automatically calculated results.
This article describes the initial creation and setup of the Moodle workshop activity.
This article gives instructions for using a Panopto assignment folder to make and upload recordings to a Moodle course. Assignment folders are designed to enable students in a course to create recordings that only they and their instructor can see. This allows a teacher to make video assignments or enable students to do such things as recording presentations or uploading videos of their performances. The article is aimed at students who need to know how to use a Panopto assignment folder.
Update the location of a Panopto video or move a video to a new Moodle Course folder in order to share with a class.
Instructions for installing VLC media player and added programs to facilitate playing Blu-ray discs
Instructions on how to setup and manage attendance with Moodle's Attendance activity.
How to setup and connect to the St. Olaf VPN on a Linux or Android device.
Add clickable, interactive tabs to Moodle Tiles format in order to organize content and activities.
Learn about scanning documents in black and white, in color, and how to access the advanced scanning settings.
Update the visibility of a Moodle page to show the course page and give students access.
Learn about copying and how to access advanced copying settings.
How to access older Moodle servers.
Recommended meeting settings for using Zoom with Google Calendar appointment slots.
How to connect to eduroam and St. Olaf guest networks with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux or Chromebook.
Re-establish access to Panopto folders or Panopto videos in Moodle.