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How to connect to eduroam and St. Olaf guest networks with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux or Chromebook.
Information on conference calls, speakerphones and rooms that have jacks ready for speakerphone usage.
How to install and login to the Zulu telephone software (softphone).
Keypad shortcuts to perform special functions in the phone system. Works for both desk phones and softphones.
A guide on how to use a desk phone (Sangoma) and soft phone (Zulu), including transfer or forwarding calls and do not disturb.
How to record or delete your voicemail greeting, leave a voicemail or transfer a call directly to voicemail.
Where to find ArcGIS Pro on campus and how to set up an account.
Create a virtual reality (vr) tour with 360 photography in Google Earth VR Tour Creator.
How to setup and connect to the St. Olaf VPN on a Windows device.
Details on how to import a previous version of a course from the current server into a new Moodle course.
How to install & print to the stoPrint & stoPrint-color printers from a personal Apple computer.
Print options for Faculty & Staff, color & specialty printing, and print costs.
How to install & print to the stoPrint & stoPrint-color printers from a Mac OS college-owned computer.
How to migrate your St. Olaf gSuite account, WordPress, Google Groups, and Senior account deactivation dates.
Steps to migrate your St. Olaf email. Note this is only one method, limited to email only; visit Leaving St. Olaf for all methods.
Learn all about Google Drive, plus how to access Drive File Stream.
How to setup Mozilla Thunderbird and other email client software.
Create quick, interactive map projects that combine text and media with geographic locations.
Create interactive timelines that combine text and media content - embed on website or share on Moodle.
Recommendations for reducing the size of a Moodle course including: managing video and audio files, adding Microsoft Office files, and converting content to Google Drive.
Back up Moodle course materials to move to a different course page.
Add an override to reopen a Moodle quiz or assignment after it has closed or give additional time for accomodations.
This article describes the steps to set up the allocation of assessments in a Moodle workshop during the Submission phase.