Moodle Dashboard Overview

Course Overview

The Course overview shows a snapshot of all courses that you have access to on the Moodle server. These will include past courses, in-progress courses, and future courses.

Why don't I see my Moodle course?

There could be a couple of reasons why a course does not appear. Courses could be hidden because they are still being worked on, they may be past course, or it’s possible that Moodle may not be used for the course at all.

Students - Check with the faculty member of the course first if you do not see a course page. 

Course Visibility

If the faculty member is still working on the course, it may be hidden. Please see the Course Visibility and Access article to see what next steps to take.

Filter Courses

Courses may appear in different lists based on being past, present, and future courses. If you do not see a course on the main page, click on the dropdown and filer the courses by In progress, Future, or Past.


If the Course Visibility is set to Show, it is possible that the course may be hidden on the overview page itself. To see hidden courses, click on the dropdown on the Course overview page and select Hidden.

The list will update to see all Hidden courses. To unhide the course, click on the 3 dots and select Show this course.

Left Panel

The left side panel of the Moodle dashboard can be used to locate particular tools and courses. Commonly used tools in the panel are:

  • Calendar: See an overview of due dates for all course activities. 
  • Private Files: Upload your own file to Moodle for later use.
    • It is recommended to not upload large files to Moodle directly. If you are working with video or audio, embedding or linking the files to Google Drive will improve the performance of the Moodle course page. It will also improve the rendering of the media itself for viewers.

Timeline Section

Tasks, assignments, or other activities that are due soon will appear in the Timeline section of the dashboard. These links can be used for quick navigation when working with multiple Moodle courses.


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