Changing a Moodle Course Format

Moodle course formats can be changed at any time, not just when choosing an initial format. The only consideration in changing formats is that courses using the Tiles format that have custom tile backgrounds will lose this property if changed to a different format (and will not restore them if the format is reset to Tiles). If you need to change a course format from Tiles with custom tile backgrounds for printing, or some other reason, contact iTech and we can create a copy of the course, allowing you to keep the original course intact.

Changing the format

Click on the Settings tab on the main course page.

On the settings page, scroll down to Course format section. The formats are listed in the Format dropdown.

From the drop-down list, select the new format you wish to use. There will be a brief pause while Moodle loads the options for the new format.

Set any desired custom settings for the format and click on Save and display at the bottom of the page.

Adjusting course formats may impact the arrangement of materials and other content on the course page. 

Switching back to Kickstart Format

If you want to reset the course to the Kickstart template picker - this can be done at anytime by selecting Kickstart format at the top of the format list. However, if there is already content in the course, in some cases this content must be deleted before switching back to Kickstart. 

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