Adding a TA to a Course

The following instructions detail how to add participants to your course through Account Services. Adding participants here ensures that they will always be properly synced to Moodle and is the only way to add participants to the correct RStudio groups for courses using R. Additionally, adding participants this way will get them added to the Google course email alias (e.g.

To add a participant this way, go to Account Services, at, or easily accessed from the Faculty & Staff link at the top of pages and clicking on Account Services under Computing on the Faculty/Staff page.

Once on the Account Service page, enter your Username and click Next>>

Screen capture of Account Services page showing Username field to log in

Click on the Sign in with Google button (and complete the Google sign-on process, if you are not already logged in) to continue to your Account Services home page.

Screen capture of Account Services page showing Sign in with Google button.

From this page, select Manage Google Groups link under Other Services.

Screen capture of Account Services page with arrow pointing to Manage Google Groups link under Other Services header

On the resulting page, you will see a list of your current and future courses. Click on VIEW/EDIT to continue to the class list page.

Screen capture of Account Services Manage Class Groups page with arrow pointing to VIEW/EDIT button next to class name

Scroll down this page to the section titled Others (manually added), and click on ADD NEW.

Screen capture of Account Services Manage Class List page with arrow pointing to Add New button

A field for Add member will appear, where you will enter the username/email of the person to be added. 

Screen capture of Account Service Manage Class Lists page with arrows highlighting Add member field and Moodle and R Studio role drop-down lists​​​​​​​

After selecting the participant from the list in the Add Member field, you will choose the correct role for them in Moodle, and optionally for R Studio, where applicable. For clarification on Roles in Moodle see the Moodle Roles and Permissions Knowledge Base article. For teaching assistants who will grade, TA/Grader is the correct choice, while Non-grading TA is more appropriate for adding a Supplemental Instruction (SI) assistant. For the R Studio roles, the only options are TA and Student.

Once all selections have been made, click on ADD MEMBER to complete the process.

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