Adding a participant to a Moodle Course

Enrolling a Participant

To add a participant to a Moodle course, navigate to the side menu on the left and select Participants.

Below the configuration wheel, choose Enroll users.

The Enrollment options window will appear.

On this screen, you can search for your participants by using their names or email addresses. Multiple participants can be added at the same time.

After selecting the designated participant, you can assign a role by selecting the drop-down list and choosing the desired role. 

Select Enroll users to save the changes.

The participant has now been added to your Moodle course.


TA/Graders should be added to the course through Account Services.

For additional information, see Adding a TA to a Course.

Adding Students

Typically, students will not be added manually to Moodle! Once a student enrolls in a course through the Registrar, they will be added to the Moodle course as soon as the sync processes (usually less than 2 hours). 

We only add students manually to community or training Moodle courses.

Adding a Guest

If you have a non-St. Olaf user participating in the course, we can add them as a Guest to the page! In many cases, we will have to add their account manually to the system. 

For adding Guests to Moodle, please contact the IT Helpdesk.


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