New Classroom Technologies

This Knowledge Base article explains how to access our newest classroom and meeting room technology features for a bring-your-own-laptop set up. Please select a link below for detailed instructions on how to connect:

Lecture Classroom

ClickShare in Meeting Rooms and Seminar Classrooms


Connecting a Laptop In Lecture Classrooms

Instructor computers are no longer provided in St. Olaf classrooms. It is necessary to bring your laptop to present in these rooms. Connection options are explained below. Depending on the features you need, you may need to connect more than one cable. No special software is needed. Note that seminar-style classrooms and meeting rooms are set up differently. 

USB-C Cable (RED)

The RED USB-C connection is recommended if your laptop has USB-C. It will send video to the room display and play audio through the room speakers. It will also charge most laptops.


If your laptop does not have a USB-C connection, connect the GREEN HDMI cable to send video and audio to the room. HDMI will not charge your laptop, so bring your laptop’s charging cable if needed. If your laptop has a video connection other than HDMI, you will also need to bring the correct video adapter.


Adding the YELLOW USB cable, will connect your laptop to additional features in the room such as the room’s camera(s) and microphones for use with Zoom, Meet or Panopto. The desktop mouse will also connect. In addition, some classrooms offer a wireless presenter, interactive display, or polling system all of which will connect to your laptop with this cable.

Be sure to choose the correct (RED or GREEN) source button on the touchpanel.

Refer to the GOLD CARD in each classroom to choose the correct microphone, camera and speaker settings in Zoom, Meet or Panopto.

If your laptop’s audio does not play through the room’s speakers, verify your laptop’s sound output is set to EXTRON.


Connecting a Laptop in Seminar Classrooms & Meeting Rooms

To allow the presenter to sit at the table with others, these rooms are equipped with a Clickshare Conference system, which allows a presenter to wirelessly send a laptop image to the screen, play audio through the room’s speakers, and connect to the room’s camera and microphone for use with Zoom or Google Meet. To setup, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the Clickshare App using the links below for installation and setup: 

        Clickshare App - MacOS

        Clickshare App - Windows
  2. Start the app on your desktop. The Clickshare toolbar will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. (Note: When your cursor is not focused on the app, the toolbar may collapse into the side of the screen.) 
  3. Plug in the Clickshare Button.  

    The button’s white light will ‘breathe’ until it senses that the app is running.  Once the light turns solid white, press the button to present to the room.
  4. If your laptop audio does not play through the room speakers, open your laptop’s sound settings and choose ROOM SPEAKERPHONE as your sound output.
  5. If you start a Zoom or Google Meet call, choose these options in the Zoom/Meet settings:
    3. For CAMERA, choose ROOM CAMERA


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