Reusing and organizing Panopto recordings


Depending on your workflow, your Panopto recordings (or Zoom recordings imported into Panopto) might end up in various places – your My Folder on Panopto, a course folder related to a Moodle course you taught, or Meeting Recordings in My Folder (in the case of Zoom recordings).

For recordings you want to re-use in multiple places (e.g. video content for courses that repeat over time), the recommendation is to keep master copies of the recordings in a folder within your My Folder on Panopto. Having your "perennial" content organized in folders within My Folder allows you to use it in multiple places such as course folders by copying the recording. For example, you might teach a particular course once a year. Each time the course runs, you can copy the recordings you want to reuse into the new course folder when it becomes available.

Log in to Panopto ( to work with, move or organize your Panopto recordings. 

Creating a folder and copying content into the folder

  1.  Create a folder as the permanent location for content you want to be able to reuse.
  2. Navigate to the content you would like to be able to reuse. Select a recording or multiple recordings.
  3. Choices for what to do with the recordings will appear (Delete, copy, move, share etc). Click the Copy button.
    Recordings selected in Panopto
  4. You will see a list of the recordings you selected, and a place to specify the copy's destination. Look for the folder you would like to copy the recordings to, select it, and press Copy.
    Screenshoot of copy folder destination and Copy button

Completing the Circle

Once you have recordings organized into a folder or folders in your My Folder, any time you want to re-use that content in a different place, such as a course folder for an upcoming course, just select and make copies of the recordings you want to re-use (steps 2-4 above) and place the copies accordingly.

Copy, don’t Move

In most cases, we recommend that you copy, rather than move, recordings to the new place. That allows you to keep your perennial content organized in a folder you control, while placing unique copies in the correct folder for use in a particular course. Among the advantages of this approach is that viewership metrics, discussions, and any quiz results for the recording will be confined to the immediate course.

About Panopto course folders

A course folder is a special type of folder which is created the first time you click on the Panopto tool in a specific Moodle course. The course folder is not in your Panopto space, course folders exist in shared space because often there are multiple teachers on a course.



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