Moodle Gradebook: Empty Grades and Student Views

An empty grade does not equal zero!

The default setting for Moodle Gradebook is to not reflect empty grades in category or course totals. This allows students to see a running total of their current progress at any point in the course.

Without this feature, if empty cells were treated as zero points - even on yet-to-be completed assignments, students would see an artificially low course total when they view their grades until all grades have been posted. 

To view this setting, click on Grades on the Moodle course page and then the Setup tab. Click on the Edit link to the right of the name of your category. On the edit category page, under the Grade category, click on Show more to see the checkbox for Exclude empty grades.

With Exclude empty grades turned on, wherever you want a student to receive zero points you must enter zero points in the relevant cells. 

At the end of the semester if you don't want to fill in a zero for every missing grade, it is possible to change the gradebook settings to treat empty grades as zero points. Just remember that this is a category setting and needs to be set for each category and for the course.

Here’s a short screencast showing you how to access and change the setting.

Important things to keep in mind

If you leave Exclude empty grades enabled (the default setting), it is vital that you populate any grades that you want to be counted as zero points with an actual number.

Blank does not equal zero when using this setting! If you leave it turned on while leaving grades blank, students will see an artificially high grade for the course.

Hidden items in the gradebook can also yield misleading results. If your course includes hidden grade items, make sure to turn on the Show totals excluding hidden items setting. If you don't do this, and there are any categories that have hidden items, the category will not show a grade for that portion of the course. You will find that setting in the gradebook drop-down menu under Course grade settings. Look for the Overview report setting. 

Bulk filling empty grades with zero

If you want to use the Exclude empty grades default feature so that students will see a running account of their course grade total, there’s an easy way to fill in all of the blanks cells in a grade item with a zero (or any value you choose, for that matter).

Here’s a screencast showing you how.

Student Views - See What the Students See

Moodle allows you to check the student view of grades in a course, or to see what a specific student sees when viewing their grades. Here’s a screencast showing how to access that feature. You have a lot of control over what is and is not displayed, and how point scores, percentages and letter grads are formatted.

Formatting Grades

You access these settings by going to the Setup tab in the Gradebook and selecting the Course grade settings tab.

In the Grade display type dropdown, pick the type of format that you would like to use.

User Report: Student View Settings

In the User report section, you can indicate what students should be able to view in their version of the Grade report. 

After indicating the items that you would like to hide or show, the columns will update in the User report.



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