Remove an Override in the Gradebook

In the scenario that a grade is accidentally entered or needs to be reset - this can be done by editing the grade directly in the gradebook. Overridden grades can be found by looking for highlighted cells.

Resetting a grade will only impact the specific grade for a specific participant. 

Reset an Overridden Grade

In the Gradebook, click on the Grader report tab and Turn editing on. Editing should be turned on in the Gradebook and now on the main Moodle course page.

Yellow cells in the gradebook will indicate if the grade was overridden. Locate the grade to reset and click on the configuration wheel for that cell.

In the Edit Grade window, the Overridden box will be checked.

Uncheck the box for Overridden.

After saving the changes, the grades will recalculate.

The cell in the gradebook will reset to the original value. This will also update the course total for that student.


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