Reducing the Size of a Moodle Course

I am unable to restore my Moodle course - Moodle says the file size is too big.

In order to improve the speed of the Moodle server and reduce storage, there is a file limitation on Moodle for uploading files. This could apply too:

How do I reduce the size of my course?

There are many options for reducing the size of a course - use a combination of Google Drive and Panopto to manage files and host media.


It is not recommended to directly upload a video file to Moodle. This can potentially slow down the load time of the Moodle page and use storage on the Moodle server. Storing videos in Panopto or on Google Drive will reduce the size of the course page and improve the user experience for the course, especially for users that are viewing Moodle on a mobile device.

Embedding videos will still allow viewers to watch the video in Moodle, but will not increase the size of the course. For additional information on this, see:


Similar to video file, audio will also increase the size of the course. It is recommended to store the audio files in Google Drive instead of directly in Moodle. For sharing within a course, there are two recommended options:

  • Copy and page the share link from Google Drive and add to Moodle as a URL link
  • Embed the audio from Google Drive into Moodle

Microsoft Office Files - Word, PowerPoint, Excel

For additional information, see Adding Microsoft Office Files to Moodle.

I want to convert files on my Moodle site - how do I get help?

If you need help with converting content, please contact the IT Helpdesk and the Moodle team can assist with this process.


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