Moodle 4.1 Changes

In June of 2023, we are upgrading our Moodle server to the new 4.1 version. This is a substantial version upgrade that alters the appearance and navigation, while adding some better functionality. We encourage you to plan some time to get acquainted with the new interface prior to teaching. This (to be further expanded) article highlights some of the most salient changes from our previous installation of Moodle.

A visual walk-through is available in this Moodle 4.1 Introduction video in Panopto.


The collapsible navigation menu on the left side will now be used exclusively for accessing course content, such as sections and activities, while course administration links (such as Settings, Participants and Grades) will be located in a tabbed, horizontal menu under the course name. Any blocks added to the course will now be in a collapsible right side menu. All of this will create more space in the main content area of your courses.


Editing your course should now be less confusing. Turning course editing on for your site (to enable adding activities/editing resources) is now accomplished with a simple slider button titled Edit mode in the upper right corner. Editing the overall course settings is now accessed through a single click on the Settings tab in the horizontal menu beneath the course title.

New icons

Activities and resources added to your course will now be more consistent in appearance and are color-coded by function (e.g. collaborative work, assessments, resources).

New functionality

One of the most exciting changes is the addition of Timed Assignments to Moodle, which many of you have been asking for, particularly as the pandemic pushed timed essay assessments online. Assignments can now have an opening and closing time, as well as a time limit for opening and submitting the assignment.



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