Grayed Out Quizzes in the Gradebook

Why are there grayed out quizzes/exams in the gradebook?

In the Moodle gradebook, quiz activities in the gradebook may appear grayed out. While grayed out, grades for these quizzes may not be visible to students or count towards the total grade for the course. 

How do I fix this issue?

Click on the quiz that you would like to update, go to the Configuration Wheel in the quiz, and click on Edit Settings.

Scroll down to the Review options section.

In the section for After the quiz is closed, make sure that The attempt, Whether correct, and Marks is checked.

Click on Save and return to course.

Return to the gradebook and the quiz item should now be active and count towards the total grade.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact the Moodle team.


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Thu 4/30/20 2:46 PM
Mon 6/22/20 1:55 PM