Moodle Metacourses

What is a metacourse?

If you teach more than one section of the same course and the course contents are identical across sections, there is no need to create and maintain a separate Moodle course for each section. A metacourse is a Moodle page that serves as a hub for multiple course sections.

A minimum of 2 sections are required to create a metacourse, but there is no limitation on the amount of courses that can be linked.

Metacourse Groups

When the metacourse is created, all students in the course will be assigned a group based on their original course section.

If you would like to customize these groups or adjust how participants in the course are managed, please visit the article on Creating and Managing Moodle Groups.

Updating Course Visibility

Courses are created with default visibility set to Hide. Once the page is setup and ready for access, update the settings to Show in order to grant access to the course participants. If the associated child sections are still visible, it is recommended to hide this pages in order to avoid confusion.

On the Moodle course page, click on the Configuration Wheel on the top right corner and select Edit Settings.

In the General settings, update the Course visibility dropdown to say Show instead of Hide.

Click Save and display.

How do I get a metacourse?

By request, the Moodle team can create a metacourse which works for all the students from all the sections. If you would like to request s metacourse, use the Moodle Request form through the IT Helpdesk.

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