Suspended Enrollment and Course Changes

Drops, Adds and Changes

“I just added your class and I need access to your Moodle site!”

With various course drops/adds/changes deadlines, you may receive requests for access to a Moodle site. Once a student has officially made a change with the registrar, their new placement will automatically be reflected in the corresponding courses within two hours

Students added manually to Moodle might find themselves in the course twice once the automatic process takes effect. Removing a student from a course they have dropped would eliminate potentially important data about their involvement with the course.

What does suspended mean?

When a student drops a course Moodle syncs with the Registrar records, rather than disappearing from the course, they are marked as suspended.


Participants with a suspended status in the course are not able to access the course materials and it does not impact the usability of Moodle. If you have any questions about suspended students or would like them removed from the course, contact the Moodle Team through the IT Helpdesk.


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