Panopto Assignment Folders

What is the Panopto Assignments Folder?

This folder acts like a dropbox for students to privately submit videos within the course folder in Panopto. These folders are automatically created when a Moodle course is connected (provisioned) with Panopto. For additional information, see Provisioning Panopto - Using Panopto with Moodle.

The default setting for the assignments folder is for videos to only be visible to the creator and the instructor, though you can toggle a setting that allows the videos to be seen by other students in the class.

While these screenshots show Panopto for Windows, the process is exactly the same for the Mac version of Panopto.

For questions on Panopto Assignment folders, contact the IT Helpdesk.

Why use the Panopto Assignments folder?

  •  Allows privately submitted videos
  • Take advantage of Panopto recorder to facilitate video recording for students
  • Take advantage of Panopto player to insert time-stamped comments for students in their videos
  • Enable discussion features for students commenting on each other’s work.

Accessing the Assignments Folder in Moodle

Click on the Panopto link in the Moodle course to make sure that you have access to the assignment folder.

When the Panopto folder opens, there is an extra button for the assignments folder.

The assignments folder will always list [assignments] at the end of the course name. In the screenshot below, the assignments folder is “Mapping and Digital Cartography Course (GIS) [assignments]”. 

Click the button to open the folder.

Recording a Video in the Assignments Folder

At the start of the recording process, set the Panopto recorder to automatically save the video to the assignments folder.

Click on the Panopto Recorder desktop app.

After logging into Panopto, click on the Folder dropdown. 

Click on the current year (2020-21 Courses) and expand the list until you locate the course.

Click on the assignments folder to add it to the recorder.

This will ensure that the video is recorded directly into the assignments folder.

Manually Upload a Recording

Videos that were recorded by other means (phones, cameras, other software, etc.) can be uploaded manually to Panopto. On the top menu, click on the green Create button and select Upload Media.

In Add files to, select the folder where the recording should be saved. Drag and drop the file into the box.