Provisioning Panopto - Using Panopto with Moodle

Provisioning a Moodle course with Panopto will automatically create the folder to store all class videos. If you are viewing Panopto and do not see a folder for the class, this usually means the course needs to be provisioned.

If you have any questions about provisioning a course in order to use Panopto, contact the Moodle Team.

What is Provisioning a Course?

Provisioning a course is "turning on" or "enabling" the connection from your Moodle course to Panopto.

By provisioning a course on Moodle, instructors and students can have access to course Panopto videos easily. This also creates the folder in Panopto that is connected to your Moodle course.

The videos recorded on Panopto for the course can be linked to the Moodle site. You do not need to be a Moodle Admin to do this process - all you need is to have editing rights to the course page!

How to I access the Panopto Folder for my Course?

As of August 2020, we are using the Panopto Tool for setting up a connection with Panopto! This tool is available in any Moodle course - if deleted, the tool can be re-added at any time.

To access the folders, log into the Moodle course and look for the Panopto Course Videos tool.

Click on the link. 

The folder for the course will appear. You will see the name of the course folder listed in the window. 

When creating videos, use this folder in Panopto to share the videos with your course!

I can't see my folder in Panopto!

If you open Panopto first before doing this process, it is likely that you may not see if the folder for the course. This is because Panopto doesn't see the connection to Moodle yet. Return to the Moodle page and follow the steps shown above!

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