Moving Panopto Videos to a Course Folder

Panopto will typically record a video to the My Folder unless indicated in the Panopto recorder. This process can be used for moving videos out of the My Folder to a Course Folder, or for moving a video from one Course to another.

To move videos from one folder to another, click on the Settings button for the Panopto video.

In the Overview tab, locate the Folder information for the video (Ex. My Folder). Click on the Edit link beside the folder name.

Expand the folder options - locate the dropdown menu for Moodle Courses (Ex. 2020-21 Courses) and click on the arrow to view course folders.

Locate the preferred course folder and select it to save the setting. Click Save to update the video location.

If viewing the Panopto Course Videos tool in Moodle - refresh the browser to see the video appear on the Moodle page.


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