Adding Questions to a Moodle Quiz

After creating a Moodle quiz, there are two ways to add questions:

  • Create new questions
  • Reuse questions that were previously created

For additional information on Moodle quiz questions, contact IT Helpdesk.

How do I add new questions to a quiz?

Click on the quiz that you would like to update. 

Once the quiz is open, click on the Configuration Wheel on the top right and select Edit Quiz.

You have now reached the page that allows you to add questions. Select Add on the right side of the page, and then choose a new question.

In the window that appears, choose a type of question to add on the left, and then select Add.

Be sure to select the correct category for the question. Create the question according to its type and select Save changes.

For more information on question types, visit the Moodle documentation: Standard Question Types.

Update the Maximum Grade

Edit the Maximum grade of the quiz in the gradebook by typing the desired value in the field and selecting Save.

While adding points to each question, the overall total should match the Maximum grade.

How do I reuse questions from a previous quiz?

To use questions that were previously created, click on Add and select from question bank.

In the pop-up window, a list of all previous questions that have been created will appear. Search for the question in the list.

Clicking on the magnifying glass for each question will show a preview of what it will look like in the quiz.


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