Changing the Color of Collapsed Topic Bars

When using the Collapsed Topics format, the default color of the bars is gray. 

To add a little color and make the course page eye-catching - the colors of the bars can be changed.

Update the Color of Topic Bars

Click on the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Course format section of the course settings.

Click on the color for Toggle background - a color picker will appear. Pick the color that you would like to use for your course. You can also copy and paste a hex number into the Toggle background box to generate a specific color.

Keep in mind - the color selected for the course format bar should still contrast with the text color chosen. For example, if the text is black and the color of the collapsed topic bar is dark blue, it may make it very difficult for readers. Adjust the contrast of the colors to make it most accessible for those navigating the course.


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