MFC printing - MacOS (campus computer)

The Toshiba multifunction copiers (MFC) can be added as a printer to your MacOS St. Olaf computer. This allows you to print to the nearest MFC in your department or area. With this option, your print job is printed immediately (after addressing the PaperCut client pop-up) to the selected printer. Printer names start with “mfc” and end with the department or location name e.g. mfc-it. 

With the transition to Jamf Connect during Summer 2022, if you have a printer installed, and it's worked for you in the past, it will continue to work as normal. If your printer is not working or you need to install a new printer, please follow the steps below. 

First, Remove Printers

If you have the printer already installed, you should remove it first. This is the old printing method, so it's best to do some clean-up and remove it.

  1. To remove the printer, open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.
  2. Select the printer from the list and click the - (minus) sign:

  3. Do this for all your printers.

Then, Install Printers using the New Method

  1. Open the software application Self Service
  2. From the menu on the left, under the Browse section, select Printers:

  3. Find your MFC printer in the list and click Install. 
    If your printer is not in the list: please fill out a Printing Request ticket, and include the name of the printer. You will be informed when the printer has been added to Self Service. 
  4. The new printer will appear in your printer list (in System Preferences > Printers & Scanners or when you try to print a document). 


How to Print from a MacOS Computer

  1. When printing a document, select the MFC printer.
  2. If prompted, enter your St. Olaf username (without the and password.
  3. The PaperCut software (PCClient) will pop up. If the PaperCut software doesn't pop-up, please search your computer to make sure it's installed and running. 
    Select where to charge the print job:
    1. To charge it to your Ole dollars, select Charge to my personal account
    2. To charge it to your department, select Charge to shared account, then select the Account from the dropdown list:

  4. Select Print. Your print job is printed immediately to the selected printer. 


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