RStudio Workbench System Error 122 (Disk quota exceeded)

Unable to log into R?

When logging into RStudio and the storage quota has been exceeded - you may be locked out of the program and receive this message:

Storage limitations on RStudio is meant to preserve the performance of the server for all users. We don't typically increase the storage limit in RStudio unless it's a very specific scenario - in those cases we may work with users to pinpoint the files that are taking up the most space, or see if it's possible to move the project to the Roar server ( instead of the R Server ( Other alternatives may be available based on the project needs.

What should I do to gain access back?

Contact IT Helpdesk to have your account reopened! After access is restored, you will have 7 days to reduce the size of your storage on RStudio.

For information on reducing your storage, check out Reducing your disk usage on the RStudio server.


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