RStudio Server Issues


IT supports two RStudio Workbench servers:

  • - Used only for classes. 
  • - Used for curricular and undergraduate research projects. 

Select the "Request Service" button on the right (or bottom, depending on your screen) and fill out the form to report an issue with accessing and using either RStudio server. This may include login problems, disk and memory quota issues, or other errors. Please note that IT can not provide any training or support in using the RStudio platform itself. 

More Information

If you need to request access to either server, please use the RStudio Server Request page.

Support Levels

IT will support issues with the operation of the server and user access. We are not able to provide training or support in using RStudio Workbench or RStudio Connect. For help in using RStudio, we recommend RStudio‚Äôs education resources, or Linkedin Learning (access to Linkedin Learning is available via the Northfield Public Library). 

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