Where is the new Moodle server?

New Moodle Server

As of August 31st, moodle.stolaf.edu will point to the new Moodle for the upcoming academic year.

For a short period, it is possible that you might still end up at the old Moodle because of browser caching or an outdated link or bookmark.  If you find yourself still being taken to the old server, just type the full address (for example: moodle-2019-20.stolaf.edu) to get to the new one.

For any questions on accessing the new Moodle server, contact the Moodle team.

Draft Courses

If you would like to start working on a Moodle course for the Fall term before the new server is released, contact the Moodle team to request a draft page. Once the new server is released, we can migrate the contents to the current Moodle website.


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