Unable to Access Panopto Folder in Moodle

In the event that you are unable to access Panopto videos in Moodle or lose access to a course folder, here is some information below to help re-establish the link!

Current Moodle Server

On the current Moodle server (2020-21), you will need to click back on the Panopto Course Folder link in order to re-establish the connection. 

This applies to anyone in the course - if students lose access, they should be able to click on this link to gain access.

After clicking on the link in Moodle, make sure to refresh your browser if currently logged into Panopto in order to see the change. If this does not update your access, contact the Moodle Team.

Previous Moodle Servers

For previous Moodle servers (before 2020-21), if you had access and the connection is now lost, contact the Moodle Team and we will take a look!

Make sure to include the name and number of the course.


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