Emeriti Account

Requirements and Policy

Beginning Fall of 2023 all Emeriti will be required to take Cybersecurity training annually. Not only will this keep your account active, it is an essential element of our cybersecurity program, protecting campus data and information systems. 

To access the course select the following link:

 Cybersecurity Annual Training for Employees

Or go to moodle.stolaf.edu and select log in with Google 


Sign in with your St. Olaf email and password and then do your 2-step verification. Once in Moodle select Dashboard to view the Cybersecurity Annual Training for Employees course.

Emeriti accounts including email and files will be immediately disabled upon death. For more information see the Technology, Library Resources and File Management After Employee or Emeriti Death policy.

Modifying Your St. Olaf Account

As you continue to use your Emeriti account we request that you delete old files and emails. 

To prepare for a St. Olaf account closure, we recommend the following:

Uncouple your St. Olaf email address from any personal accounts, subscriptions, and social media and link them to your personal email address.

Consider all personal business your family members will need access to in, the event that your account is closed, such as:

  • Financial Institutions (Banking, Investment)
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Media subscriptions
  • Utilities

If your alternate (personal) email address that was used to set up Google 2 - step Verification is still accessible you do not need to create another email account. 

If you no longer have access to your alternate email address on file you can create one, the following link provides information on Creating a Gmail account.

Note: To keep our system secure do not share your St.Olaf password. Only St. Olaf students, staff, faculty, and emeriti may access our systems.

Transfer all of your personal files, photos, etc. from your St. Olaf account to your personal account.

Google Workspace Migration.

To have your files, emails, calendars, and contacts quickly and securely copied to your personal Google account, you can use a paid service called VaultMe for a small fee. Visit VaultMe to learn more about this option.

  1. Click on the orange "Try VaultMe Now" button.
  2. Select Copy or Migrate From and choose the Google Workspace option.
  3. Sign in to Google with your St. Olaf account credentials.
  4. Sign in to your personal Google account and select preferences (email only, docs you own, docs shared with you, Drive files and folder in trash, calendar, contacts/contact groups, etc).
  5. Enter payment information, and select Confirm & Go.

 Note: do not transfer FERPA data such as student grades, class list, course schedules, etc. or HR data such as supervisory notes, annual employee reviews, etc.

Transition to Retirement

WordPress: for WordPress sites that you manage, please make sure that your successor, co-worker, or other person who will be managing the site after you leave, is set up as an Administrator on the site.

If you will be continuing with your research and scholarship and want to maintain your web pages, please send a note to webteam@stolaf.edu. Please note that all inactive web pages will be removed after 2 years, regardless of retirement year.

We will be discontinuing web hosting services for outside organizations managed by retirees effective May 31, 2024.

Zotero - to keep your Zotero account and Zotero library, visit Zotero.

Google Groups (formerly email aliases / mailing lists)

If you are the owner of a Google Group, please transfer ownership via groups.google.com.

Google Drive: Transferring Ownership of Files

To transfer ownership of your Google drive/files to another St. Olaf user, please follow the steps at Make someone else the owner of your file.

NOTE: Google Apps for Education will only allow you to reassign ownership of docs to other users in the St. Olaf domain. If you need to move files to a personal account, you will need to do a Google Workspace Migration (see above).

Closing Your St. Olaf Account

Contact Brenda Kragseth - IT Helpdesk Manger via email only at kragse2@stolaf.edu to set up a consultation for closing your account.



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