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For questions related to your account, passwords, migrating email, and Google 2-step.

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Accounts and Passwords

Learn about Account Services, password policy, recover a lost or forgotten password, & Keychain Access.

Email Software for Windows or Mac

How to setup Mozilla Thunderbird and other email client software.

Leaving St. Olaf

How to migrate your St. Olaf gSuite account, WordPress, Google Groups, and Senior account deactivation dates.

Migrating St. Olaf Email Only - Limited option

Steps to migrate your St. Olaf email. Note this is only one method, limited to email only; visit Leaving St. Olaf for all methods.

Google 2-Step Verification - Getting Started

Setting up and using Google 2-step verification.

Google 2-Step Verification - FAQ

Frequently asked questions on Google 2-step verification.

Google 2-step Verification - Setting up alternate second steps

Instructions on how to set up different 2-step verification methods, including backup codes, phone prompts and Google Authenticator.

Google 2-Step Verification - Traveling

Steps to take with your Google 2-step verification before you travel.

Emeriti Account

Requirements and policy for Emeriti accounts, account modifications and transitioning into retirement and closure procedure.

Keychain Access - Update or Reset (Mac OS)

Learn how to update or reset Keychain Access on a Mac OS device.