Accounts and Passwords

Account Services

Account Services is the place to go to manage your St. Olaf account, and much more: 

  • View the expiration date for your account.
  • Change your password (see policy below).
  • Manage shared folders and Lawson access.
  • Recover a forgotten password (see steps below). 

To access Account Services, please visit

Password Policy

  • Passwords must be between 10 and 32 characters long.
  • Passwords must pass a strength test. (3+ bars, shown between the password fields)
  • Consider using a phrase for your password: a combination of three or more easy to remember, unrelated words.

Forgot your Password?

  1. Visit Account Services at
  2. Enter your username and select Next
  3. Click the Forgot your password? link that appears

MacOS Users 

If you are a MacOS User and you changed your St. Olaf password, you will need to update your Keychain Access. Those passwords do not automatically update when you change your St. Olaf password. Therefore, please follow these directions to manually update your Keychain.

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