Printing for Students

stoPrint-personal is the #1 method students use to print. Stoprint-personal simplifies the printing process for personally owned devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Super easy. 

How does stoPrint-personal work? 

stoPrint-personal allows you to print from your device (or a St. Olaf computer) while you are connected to the campus network. You can pick up your print job(s) at any of the stoPrint copiers (see next section) around campus using your Ole Card. 

stoPrint-color-personal allows you to print in color to one of our color stoPrint copiers. 

What is a stoPrint Copier? 

St. Olaf has many printers, which are actually MFC devices, or Multifunction Copiers. As the name precludes, they are multifunctional: print + scan + copy. 

A stoPrint Copier refers to an MFC that is placed in a public area, including over 20 machines in Academic Building Labs and 10 in Residence Halls. A list of copier locations can be found here

How do I install the printers?

See the "Related Articles" section to the right (or bottom, depending on your browser) for specific instructions, depending on your device and operating system. Or visit this page and choose the specific instructions from the list.

Or watch a video!
Windows users can click HERE
Mac users click HERE

How do I print with stoPrint-personal?

First, make sure you are connected to eduroam

  • When printing a document, select either stoPrint-personal or stoPrint-color-personal 
  • If prompted, enter your St. Olaf username (without the and password. The document will stay in the stoPrint “queue” on the print server until it is released at a copier. Note: print jobs that are not released within 24 hours are automatically deleted.
  • At one of the stoPrint copiers, swipe your Ole Card 
  • Select the print job from the list and print

What if I can’t print with stoPrint-personal? 

If you are having problems printing to stoPrint-personal, you have several options…

  1. Contact the Helpdesk and we can help! Fill out this form or call us at 507-786-3830
  2. Install stoPrint here. **Please note that installing stoPrint is different than stoPrint-personal. Choose the instructions per your specific device
  3. Print via WebPrint (only works to print PDF and image files). 

How much do print jobs cost?

Printing costs $0.06 per single-sided page, and $0.04 per side of a duplexed (two-sided) page. Color printing is $0.45 per page. For example:

  • A one page single-sided black and white print job will cost $0.06.
  • A four page single-sided black and white print job will cost $0.24 (4 x $0.06)
  • A four page duplexed black and white print job (2 sheets of paper, 4 imaged sides) will cost $0.16 (4 x $0.04)
  • A five page duplexed black and white print job (3 sheets of paper, 5 imaged sides) will cost $0.22 (4 x $0.04 + 1 x $0.06); the last page in this print job is considered a single-sided page and therefore costs $0.06.
  • A one page single-sided color print job will cost $0.45.
  • A two page duplexed color print job will cost $0.90.

How am I charged for print jobs?

At the beginning of each academic year, students are given (the dollar equivalent of) 550 pages on an Ole Card “student print plan” (similar to a meal plan). Once the funds in the student print plan are exhausted, stoPrint will use Ole Dollars. 

You may not add money to the student print plan, you can only add Ole Dollars. You may only use the money on the student print plan for printing and copying (you cannot use it in other places where Ole dollars are accepted). 

Unused balances at the end of the academic year are not carried over. Reminders and updates will be sent periodically to students who approach the printing limit and students may view their printing usage through the Ole Card Check Balances page.

How do I print specialty jobs?

Contact the on-campus Print Center. They can fold, cut, staple, punch, laminate and/or bind your work for you. They also offer wide format printing. 


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