Printing Issue


For all printing issues, including:

  • stoPrint, stoPrint-personal and webprint
  • Print refund
  • Department printer (HP)
  • Toner & paper for public MFC machines (stoPrint)
  • MFC machines
  • Stuck print jobs
  • Paper jams

For multi-function copiers (MFC) machines, this also includes issues with copying and scanning. 

Common requests:

  • I can’t print
  • My document won’t print
  • My text prints garbled, prints symbols
  • My print job doesn’t show up
  • The printer is jamming constantly
  • I’m getting an error when I print

More Information

For department MFC machines:

  • Service: please contact EO Johnson (You will need the ID number of the machine when contacting EO Johnson. Both the phone number and the machine ID number can be found on the front of the machine). 
  • Toner & paper: please contact the Print Center
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