Hardware & Software

Service offerings related to ordering, installing and maintaining computers, printers and software on campus.

Services (11)

Bike Issue

Report issues with St. Olaf bikes.

Classroom, Lab or Meeting Room Issue

Report an issue with a classroom computer, projector, meeting room, or student/lab machine.

CS Lab Machine Issue

Open a ticket for any issues related to the lab machines in RNS202 and RNS203.

Equipment Reservation & Checkout

Reserve or checkout equipment such as clickers, sound system, iPads, audio-visual equipment and laptops.

Hardware Issue

Report an issue with a St. Olaf computer, power supply, keyboard, mouse, adapter, iPad, lab or public machine.

Hardware Request

Request hardware to order, return or recycle.

Office or Equipment Move

Request the move of a college owned computer and/or peripherals.

Printing Issue

Printing issues with a department printer, MFC and stoPrint.

Printing Request

Request to setup or install a printer.

Software Issue

Report an issue with St. Olaf software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Windows and MacOS.

Software Request

Request an update, upgrade or installation of St. Olaf software.