Equipment Reservation & Checkout


Students, Faculty and Staff can borrow various types of equipment. Some items are available via the form on this page (and picked up from the IT Helpdesk), but most items are available through our new Equipment Catalog (and picked up from the Library Circulation Desk). Please refer to the following:

COMPUTERS & IPADS: please click one of the following links to read our policies and how to request items:

RESERVATIONS: the following equipment can be reserved from our Equipment Catalog at

  • Speaker kits
  • Microphones
  • Cameras
  • GoPro
  • Projectors

WALK-UP ITEMS: to borrow any of the following, please visit the Rolvaag Circulation Desk (full list of items can be found in the Walk-Up Item category at

  • USB-C Charger (power supply)
  • DVD / CD Drive
  • HDMI Mini Adapter
  • Headphone
  • Multiport Adapter (USB-C, ethernet, USB 3.1, HDMI)

OTHER ITEMS: to request any of the following items, please select the "Request Service" button on the right (or bottom, depending on your screen) and fill out the form. 

  • Clickers
  • Sound system
  • Travel projectors


Laptop Loaners for Fac/Staff

Loaner laptops are available to Fac/Staff through IT. To make a request, please select the "Request Service" button on the right (or bottom, depending on your screen) and fill out the form. 

Laptop Loaners for Students

During the semester, students can checkout a laptop for one week up to an entire semester and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Checkout Terms

Loaner laptops are for temporary usage, while your computer is getting fixed or you are saving up to buy a laptop. St. Olaf has many public computers you can use; locations can be found here. Students can borrow a laptop computer for up to one year (checkout period is limited to one semester at a time); after that, plans should be made to purchase your own laptop or use a public computer. 


To borrow a laptop, students must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in a course (Fall, Interim, Spring, Summer) on campus
  • Involved in a summer research project through Steen or CURI
  • Involved in a credit-bearing internship where equipment is needed that cannot be provided by the internship location

How to Request?

Visit to request a loaner laptop. Laptops go through an approval process; once approved laptops can be picked up from the Library Circulation Desk. 


iPad Loaner Requests

iPads can be available on request to assist with fieldwork, note taking, and mobile app development. 

Reservations include the iPad, charger, and Generation 1 Apple Pencil. They can also be used as a temporary loaner device in the event that a computer or laptop is damaged and undergoing repair. 

  • Must be enrolled in a course, involved with CURI, or credit-bearing internship, and be on campus in order to reserve an iPad.
  • iPads do not come with bluetooth or Magic keyboards. If working with a lot of documents or word processing, please submit a request for a laptop.
  • iPads are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Reservations are limited to one semester at a time - all iPads must be returned at the end of the semester for maintenance. 2-3 business days are typically required to set up a device.

If you have an iPad already and need only the Apple Pencil: Generation 1 Apple Pencils are available from the Library Circulation Desk (as noted above, as a walk-up item). 

How to Request an iPad?

Visit https:/ to request a loaner iPad. iPads go through an approval process; once approved iPads can be picked up from the Library Circulation Desk. 

Do not return iPads to the IT Helpdesk or the DiSCO. Please return iPads to the Rolvaag Library Circulation Desk where it was checked out. If the device is not returned to the Library Circulation Desk, it could be marked late if we can't find it.

For additional information, please visit iPad Checkout and Reservation.


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