My Recently Visited Services

Report an issue with a St. Olaf computer, power supply, keyboard, mouse, adapter, iPad, lab or public machine.

Request an update, upgrade or installation of St. Olaf software.

Report an issue with a shared folder, Google File Stream, and Google Drive.

Report an issue with St. Olaf software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Windows and MacOS.

Request to change shared folder permissions.

Request new Perceptive Content (ImageNow) scanning setup, workflow, etc.

Open a ticket for any issues related to the lab machines in RNS202 and RNS203.

Reserve or checkout equipment such as laptops, clickers, sound system, iPads, and audio-visual equipment.

Request a new site, plugin, access, extra space or a vanity URL.

Report an issue with the Carousel (Tightrope) digital signage screens or website.

Request hardware to order, return or recycle.

Request an account on Carousel (Tightrope) digital signage.

Report an issue with the Raiser's Edge software.

Report an issue with your Ole Card.

Recover a file from a local hard drive, St. Olaf network share, or Google Drive.

Request a new phone, speakerphone, conference call, phone move, or telecommunications service order.

Report an issue with Perceptive Content (ImageNow).

Report an issue with a classroom computer, projector, meeting room, or student/lab machine.

Report an issue with any St. Olaf-affiliated website.

Report an issue with your phone, phone software or voicemail.

Requests for add-ons and access/ownership changes of Gmail, Google groups, calendar or files.

Report issues with G Suite: Gmail (email), calendar, drive, drive file stream, groups, 2-step authentication, and forms.

Report incorrect or updated information for the online directory.

Report an issue with any Microsoft Access database.