Web Print

Web Print allows you to submit a document to be printed via stoPrint, without having to install and configure stoPrint on your computer. Web Print only works with PDF and Picture files; other files will not be accepted.

Using Web Print

  1. Log into the PaperCut server.
  2. Select Web Print on the left side of the page.
  3. Select Submit a Job:

  4. On the Select a printer page, select printers\stoPrint (for black and white printing) or printers\stoPrint-color (for color printing). Select 2. Print Options and Account Selection to continue to the next page.

  5. Review the charging information: to charge to your print plan/Ole Dollars, select Charge to my personal account. To charge to a departmental account, select Charge to shared account and then select the appropriate account. Select 3. Upload Documents to continue to the next page.

  6. Select Upload from computer and select the document to be printed. Only PDF and Picture files can be submitted to Web Print.

  7. Select Upload & Complete.
  8. Release your document on a stoPrint printer.


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