Phones - Frequently Asked Questions

For instructions on how to transfer a call, forward a call, or set the do not disturb mode, visit the Phones - Reference Guide.

For how-to instructions on voicemail, including how to record your name and voicemail greeting, put on an extended absence message, or transfer a call direct to voicemail, please visit the Voicemail knowledge base article.


Q: How do I add a second participant to an ongoing call (i.e., conference call)?

Note: this can only be done with a desktop phone at present.

  • While on a call with someone, press Conf
  • Dial the phone number or extension to add and press Send
  • Press Conf again to join the two calls together

Q: How to pause music when a phone call comes in?

Open your music streaming app, and press pause.

Q: What should I do if I don’t have an internet connection?

Check your wireless connectivity, and try to connect to “eduroam” if on campus.

Q: How do I forward a phone message/voicemail?

Forward the email that you received to another party.  

Q:  I use a Mac. If I have my Zulu running and my Mac falls to sleep, Zulu won’t reopen. What should I do?

Zulu is still available, but you need to open it from the status menu and not from the dock.  Look for the “Z” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on it.

Q: Do I need to keep the softphone program (Zulu) open?

Yes, but you can close the window.  It will continue to run in the background so you can receive calls.

Q: Can you have both a desktop phone and use the softphone (Zulu)?

Yes, both will ring when calls come in and you can answer calls on either one.

Q: What do the various lights mean on the phone?

Nothing at the moment. The manufacturer is working to fix the notification lights on the phones, but for the time being, they don’t mean anything and can be safely ignored.


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