Communication & Collaboration

For questions related to video conferencing, Google Drive & Groups, phones, and network file storage.

Articles (25)

Activating a Zoom account for an Alias

How to activate a Zoom pro account that is associated with an email alias, and not a personal email address.

Adding Users to Your Wordpress Site

How to add users to your Wordpress site whether your on or

Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Create appointment slots in Google Calendar for use in Moodle or to share in an email.

Conference Calls and Speakerphones

Information on conference calls, speakerphones and rooms that have jacks ready for speakerphone usage.


Instructions for general users and departments with fax numbers on how to send and receive a fax.

Google Calendar Appointment Slots Using Zoom

Recommended meeting settings for using Zoom with Google Calendar appointment slots.

Google Collaborative Inbox Group

Supports a central email address, similar to a shared mailbox or delegated account

Google Drive

Learn all about Google Drive, plus how to access Drive File Stream.

Google Groups

Learn how to create, set up, manage, and join Google groups. Groups are also known as mailing lists or an email alias.

Google Groups - mailing lists at St. Olaf

Information about mailings lists used at St. Olaf.

Google Storage - Managing your files and emails

How to manage your Google Drive files and Gmail.

Google Workspace Marketplace Apps (add-ons)

List of allow-listed (approved) apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace, and how to request an add-on.

Host a Zoom Meeting on Google Calendar

Create a Zoom meeting and add this information to your Google Calendar.

Network File Storage - Connecting with MacOS

Instructions on how to connect to the network file storage with MacOS.

Network File Storage - Connecting with Windows 8 or 10

Instructions on how to connect to the network file storage with Windows 8 and 10.

Network File Storage - General Information

Explains St. Olaf network shares (on-campus network file storage).

Phones - Feature Codes

Keypad shortcuts to perform special functions in the phone system. Works for both desk phones and softphones.

Phones - Reference Guide

A guide on how to use a desk phone (Sangoma) and soft phone (Zulu), including transfer or forwarding calls and do not disturb.

Phones - Zulu software installation and logging in

How to install and login to the Zulu telephone software (softphone).

Pre-Assigning Zoom Breakout Rooms

Setting up Breakout Rooms in Zoom prior to a meeting and requiring students to log in to be properly assigned to rooms.

Share an iPad Screen in Zoom

Share an iPad screen in Zoom for writing in virtual environments.

Unable to Access a St. Olaf Zoom Meeting

Troubleshooting access issues for St. Olaf Zoom meetings.

Updating Zoom

Steps for updating Zoom on both Mac and Windows.


How to record or delete your voicemail greeting, leave a voicemail or transfer a call directly to voicemail.