Google Storage - Managing your files and emails


Google is our primary and recommended place to store College data. However, Google has begun charging for storage, so, to be fiscally conscious, we need to limit the amount of Google storage space the College uses by applying quotas. 

Your storage space is shared across your Gmail and Google Drive. To view your storage space, both used and free, visit


How to Manage Your Google Drive Storage

We encourage you to review the contents of your Gmail and Google Drive, and delete messages or files you no longer need. We also encourage you to move any personal files from your St. Olaf Google Drive to your personal Google account.

To clear space, Google provides many helpful tips and articles. Please visit the following links to manage your Google Drive Storage:


Need Additional Help? 

If you need help, please call our IT Helpdesk at 507-786-3830, visit us in person in RML 353, or fill out a Consultation form and request to meet with IT. 


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