Google Calendar Appointment Slots Using Zoom

When creating a Zoom meeting for Office Hours or appointment slots, settings need to be added to these meetings in order to closely manage who is able to join or access the meeting. These settings will allow for:

  • Zoom does not generate unique IDs for each meeting - but it will enable a waiting room for all participants so no one is able to join a meeting if it is still in progress.
  • Require everyone to sign into their St. Olaf account in order to access.

To see additional information on appointment slots, see Appointment Slots in Google Calendar.

Meeting Settings

For this scenario, the settings we need to update are in the Meeting ID section and Security sections. Add the following settings to the meeting if it is going to be used for one-on-one sessions or office hours:

  • Meeting ID: Generate Automatically
  • Passcode: Use the default generated passcode or create your own unique code
  • Waiting Room: this box should be checked
    • As the meeting host, you will receive a notification when someone is trying to join the meeting.
  • Require authentication to join: set to St. Olaf Zoom Users

Remaining meeting settings can be as-is or updated based on preference. 


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