Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Appointment slots can be an easy way to establish virtual office hours or schedule blocks of meetings. After creating the meeting, the link can be shared in Moodle or an email in order for individuals to select a time that works best.

Video Conferencing Recommendations

Using Google Meet - a separate meeting link is generated for each appointment slot. The meet link will appear once the slot is booked. To switch meetings, the host will have to leave the meeting to join a new session.

Using Zoom - Zoom does not generate a separate meeting link for each slot. Make sure to enable the Waiting Room for the meeting in order to control who is able to join the session. The host can stay in the meeting session the whole time and enable participants to join as needed.

For additional questions on appointment slots, contact the IT Helpdesk.

Creating Appointment Slots

Click on Google Calendar to create the meeting.

Click Appointment slots. (Do not click Save)

Set a name for the appointments and duration.

Click Save.

Click onto the appointment slots meeting and select Go to the appointment page for this calendar.

When the appointment page opens, the slots will appear as separate gray tiles on the calendar.

To share the appointment slots in Moodle or an email for individuals to schedule, copy and paste the link in the web browser.

Adding the Link to Moodle

This is one option - the link can also be added as hyperlink in any textbox in Moodle.

To add the link, Turn on Editing and click Add an activity or resource.

Click on the Resources tab and select URL.

Copy and paste the URL for the appointment slots into the External URL field.

Click Save and return to course.

Non-St. Olaf (External) Emails

Appointment slots is mainly for St. Olaf emails only. If it is an external or personal email, they may not be able to use the appointment slot page. For scheduling an appointment with a participant with an external email, it may be recommended to use Zoom instead of appointment slots.

If someone tries to book an appointment with a personal Gmail account, it may automatically decline the appointment. Make sure that everyone is logged into their St. Olaf account!


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