Host a Zoom Meeting on Google Calendar

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting?

Go to the Zoom website and click on Sign In.

Click on the Sign in with Google button and use your St. Olaf email to log into your account.

To schedule a meeting, click on My Account on the top right corner.

On your account page, click on Schedule a Meeting. 

In the Scheduling window, you can enter the following:

  • Topic - include a name of the meeting or leave as-is. The meeting will appear as 'My Meeting' on Google calendar.
  • When & Duration - indicated a date and start time of the meeting. Add a Duration for how long the meeting should be held.
  • Recurring meeting - if you would like to hold the meeting at the same time every week, check the option.

Leave the rest of the settings as default except in the Meeting Options - uncheck Enable waiting room and check Enable join before host. If Enable waiting room is checked, this will mean meeting participants will need to be allowed into the meeting by the host.

Click Save.

Add Meeting Participants

In the new window, there will be a summary of details about the meeting. To add people to the meeting, click on the Google Calendar button.

In order for the meeting to appear on your calendar, you will need to grant access to Zoom for it to add the meeting. A window asking for permission for Zoom to add the meeting to your Google Calendar, click Allow.

The meeting information will pop up on your Google Calendar.

On the left side of the meeting - click on the X next to Hangouts Meet in order to remove the Google Meet (this extra information is not needed).

To add guests - click on Add guests and type out an email or name to find a person to add. You can include individuals or an email alias - individuals attending the meeting that do not have a St. Olaf email can also be added in this window. When adding a non-St. Olaf participant, you will need to type out the full email.

Click the blue Save button to add the meeting. Notifications are automatically sent to everyone that was added to the meeting.


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