Conference Calls and Speakerphones

Conference Calling

If you plan to host a meeting where people will be participating remotely, we can set up a Conference Call for up to 25 participants.  All participants call an 800-number. You will be given a code to pass on to the participants to enter the call.  The fee is $.10/minute used and can be set up for up to 3 hours at a time.  Participants can call in from anywhere, though International participants will be responsible for any long distance charges associated with dialing into the system.

To set up a Conference Call, please fill out a Telephone Request or call x3041 and have the following information ready:

  • Date of call
  • Time of call and duration
  • Account number to be charged to
  • Number of Participants

Once the call has been scheduled, you will be sent a confirmation with your Host and Guest Codes and instructions for participants to call in.


Speakerphones are available for checkout from two campus locations. Most conference rooms on campus have phone jacks that are set up and ready to use. If you plan to use a speakerphone in Buntrock Commons, please contact Nancy Stuckmayer at x3017 or reserve one through the R25 reservation system. For use elsewhere on campus, please fill out the Telephone Request form or call x3041.

We no longer provide delivery and set-up services for speakerphones. You will be responsible for picking up and setting up the speakerphone. Buntrock Commons speakerphones are available in BC 7. Speakerphones to use in other locations are available at RML 474. There are instructions for set-up included with each phone. If you have any questions you can call x3041 for assistance.

A list of Conference Rooms that have jacks ready for speakerphone usage can be found below.  Please remember to check the 25Live Pro Room Reservation system to schedule a room.

Room # Name Notes
AHL 151 Conference Room Next to Alumni atrium
BC 12 Viking Theater Jacks under stage near podium
BC 101 Norway Room  
BC142 Undset  
BC 143 Munch  
BC 144 Grieg  
BC 145 Conference Room  
BC 205 Board Room  
BC 210 Trolhagen All jacks live
BC 211 Valhalla All jacks live
BC 212 President's Dining  
BC 220 Conference Room  
BC 221 Conference Room  
BC 222 Conference Room  
BC 225 Gold Room  
BC 225 Sun Room  
BC 225 Black Room  
HH 203 Conference Room  
HH 205 Conference Room  
HOM 213 Conference Room  
RML 115 Computer Classroom / Library Den  
RML 355 Library  
RML 492 IT - DiSCO  
RNS 136    
RNS 226 Conference Room  
RNS 300 Conference Room  
RNS 316 Conference Room  
RNS 356A   Jack 317x, 356a v02, 317s 356a v1, d1 (floor)
RNS 356B Room with Divider All jacks, top left
TOH 200 Conference Room  
TOH 202 Conference Room  
TOH 300 Conference Room  
TOH 302 Conference Room Wall and floor jack



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