Unable to Access a St. Olaf Zoom Meeting

If you are unable to sign into a Zoom meeting, it is very possible that Zoom is trying to join the meeting on your personal email (gmail). Many of the meetings at St. Olaf are set to "St. Olaf users only", which will typically block outside email accounts.

There are a couple of quick tips to switch back to the correct account:

  • If the Zoom meeting is in your Google Calendar, click on the link in the meeting invite (versus an email, Google Doc, Moodle, etc.). This should force Zoom to use your St. Olaf email.
  • Use the Zoom Desktop app to dial into the meeting - all you need is the Meeting ID and Passcode (if there is a passcode provided). 
  • In Google Chrome, open an Incognito window and sign into your St. Olaf account. This should ensure that the wed browser is not caching the information from your personal account.
  • Clear out the internet history and cache from your internet browser.

In the event that these steps don't work, reach out to the IT Helpdesk.


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Thu 9/10/20 8:57 AM
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