LinkedIn Learning

How Do I Access LinkedIn Learning?

Step 1 - Register for an Account

Access to LinkedIn Learning will be provided by the Northfield Public Library (NPL) for the St. Olaf community. If you already have a NPL account, skip to step 2. If you need an account, please visit Northfield Public Library Account

Step 2 - Access LinkedIn 

Once you have a Northfield Public Library account: 

  1. Visit the NPL website at
  2. Go to ResourcesDatabases.
  3. Click on LinkedIn Learning.
  4. Click “Get Started”.
  5. Enter your Library card number (on the back of your NPL card) and PIN.


Can I migrate my user data (e.g. viewing history, saved videos and courses) from my St. Olaf LinkedIn Learning account to my NPL LinkedIn Learning account?

No, you cannot directly migrate your user data into your NPL account. A possible workaround is to create and/or share "collections'' of videos you've curated with the public via a link, then open that link when logged into your NPL account and copy the collection to the new account. Please follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your St. Olaf Linkedin Learning account
  2. Navigate to My Learning and click on the Collections tab
  3. Click on the Share button to the right of of the collection you want to share
  4. Choose to share with “All Linkedin Members” and copy the link
  5. Log out of St. Olaf LL account and log in to Library LL account 
  6. Paste the link to the collection
  7. Copy the collection to your library account


I already have an NPL account.  Can I use that to access LinkedIn Learning?

Yes, you should use the NPL account you already have.  You do not need to register for a new NPL account.

What else can I access with my NPL account?

Kanopy films, eBooks, audio books, Creativebug and many other digital resources.  You can also check out books, magazines, and other print materials from the library using your NPL card.

How will I receive my physical NPL card?

Your card will be sent to you via campus mail within two weeks.

If I don’t live in Northfield, can I still register for an NPL card?

STUDENTS: regardless of where your home address is, you can register for an NPL account by submitting this form (select the Request Account button on that page). Or you can visit the Northfield Public Library and register for an account in person.

FAC/STAFF: if you do not live in southeastern Minnesota (i.e. the area from Northfield to Red Wing and south to the Iowa border) please check if your local public library provides access to LinkedIn Learning. Many public libraries in Minnesota do, including those in the Twin Cities. If your public library does not provide access to LinkedIn Learning, please contact Natalie Berg-Wall at about accessing LinkedIn Learning.

My NPL card is expired. How can I renew it?

There are two options:

  1. Submit the NPL Account form (select the Request Account button on that page) and select "Yes" when asked if it's a Renewal. 
  2. Call or visit the Northfield Public Library to renew.
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