Help with RStudio

RStudio is a program containing many small moving parts. As such, it is easy to become confused when a line of code is not working properly or when you cannot figure out which command to enter to obtain your result. In order to assist you in using RStudio, extensive help documentation exists in a few different places. Follow the instructions below to learn where you can find help.

In-App Assistance

RStudio offers an in-app Help tool to help with any immediate questions or concerns. The Help tab allows you to search the Help directly from your RStudio window. If you wish to search a direct term or concept from your Source tab, simply enter a question mark before the command name and run the command. The Help window will automatically open in the lower right quadrant.
RStudio Help tab.

Similarly, across the menu bar is a help drop-down menu. The Help menu provides information to assist users maximize their RStudio proficiency. Direct links to RStudio Help are provided, as well as Cheatsheets made by RStudio professionals and a section on Diagnostics to allow the user to see what is occurring in RStudio. Selecting R Help will open the Help tab located in the Miscellaneous quadrant, while selecting RStudio Support will bring you directly to the RStudio Support web page. Here you can search both your own questions and frequently asked questions submitted by other RStudio learners.
RStudio Help Menu.

RStudio Technical Help at St. Olaf College

St. Olaf College IT will relay information pertaining to upgrades and server maintenance to the faculty and staff who are using RStudio. For help with specific RStudio issues:

  • For issues with accessing the application, your log in credentials, permissions, storage quota, or other account related issues you may submit a Helpdesk Ticket to the IT Department.
  • For help troubleshooting code-based errors or project errors, check with your professor first to see if there is a solution. IT is very limited on how much troubleshooting we can provide with R code. IT does not provide training for learning code used in RStudio.

For emergencies with RStudio while class in in progress, call the IT Helpdesk (507-786-3830).


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