Zoom cloud recordings in Panopto

How Zoom and Panopto and Moodle work together

A  Zoom Pro account enables you to make cloud recordings of your Zoom sessions. For short term use, it is possible to leave your cloud recordings on Zoom and link directly to these recordings. However, the college pays for storage space in the Zoom cloud so we can’t promise to retain those recordings indefinitely. A better place for your recordings is the college’s media management system, Panopto. Placing your Zoom recordings on Panopto also offers additional functionality for such things as editing, adding captions, controlling access, searching within recordings, and using the recordings within a Moodle course.

The best way to get your Zoom cloud recordings into Panopto is to request automatic importation of the recordings into Panopto. Once you make your request, the importation will occur for all future recordings (importation is not retrospective). The imported recordings can later be moved into Panopto course folders or shared in multiple ways.

You can request a Zoom Pro account, and the automatic importation of Zoom cloud recordings into Panopto at this link.

The Meeting Recordings folder on Panopto

Each time a Zoom cloud recording is transferred to Panopto, it goes into a folder in your account at go.stolaf.edu/panopto called Meeting Recordings. Note that it may take a while processing in the Zoom cloud before it shows up in Panopto.

You will probably want to use Settings to change the name of the recording to something more meaningful.

Moving the recording to a Course Folder

In many cases you will want to move your meeting recordings into folders for better organization, or into course folders if you want the recordings to appear in a specific Moodle course. A course folder is a special type of Panopto folder that is linked to a specific Moodle course. You cannot make a linked course folder simply by creating a folder and giving it the name of a Moodle course. Course folders are automatically created when you activate the Panopto linkage within the Moodle course. Here is a link to a fuller explanation of how Panopto works within Moodle, and how to create a course folder by activating Panopto within a course.

To move a Panopto recording, first select the recording or recordings you want to move, then click Move and enter the folder name of the folder you want to move the recordings to. Here is a video that shows the process of moving recordings into a course folder.

Any recordings in a Panopto folder will inherit the sharing settings of the enclosing folder. Course folders are automatically shared with the students in a Moodle course.


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