Submitting a Panopto Student Submission Video Assignment

Panopto allows instructors to set up an assignment in Moodle where participants submit a video created in or uploaded to Panopto. Follow the directions below to complete a submission.

When you open the activity, you will be presented with the activity description and an Add Panopto submission button.

Screen capture of Moodle Panopto Submission activity student view with Submit button

Clicking on the button will open a pop-up window showing the your Panopto folder for the course. You can choose a video from that folder, navigate to a different folder in Panopto, upload a video from your computer or device, or record a new video.

Screen capture of Moodle Panopto chooser interface with options to choose, upload or record a video.

From the default Choose tab, you may navigate through your Panopto folders to locate and click on the desired video and click Insert to prepare it for submission.

Choosing Upload will allow you to drag and drop a video on to the window, or click on the window to bring up a file browser dialog box. Your video will be uploaded, and then you will click on Insert to prepare it for submissions.

Choosing Record will open up the Panopto recording interface, with the option to record with the browser app, or the desktop application, if installed.  Before you begin, you m ay give your recording an appropriate name, generally including your name in the title for easy identification by your instructor. You may also rename the video afteryou finish recording. In the majority of cases, you will want to click on Launch Capture to record from the Panopto browser app.

Screen capture of Moodle Panopto record interface showing options to open browser capture program or desktop app

After launching the capture app, a new tab or window will open with the Panopto recorder interface, with icons to choose your audio and video input, as well as the option to share your screen, an app, or a browser tab. Press the record button to get a countdown to begin your recording.

Screen capture of Panopto Capture app showing main screen controls for audio, video and screen sharing

When you have completed your recording and pressed  stop, you will be presented with the following screen, allowing you to preview the video, start over, record a new video, rename the video, choose a different folder, or edit the video. At this point, you can close the tab and return to the browser tab with Moodle. 

Screen capture of Panopto Capture finish screen with editing and re-recording buttons.

Select the Choose tab and click on the recording you just created and then click on Insert.

Screen capture of Moodle Panopto Submission insert page with selected video and Insert button

Click on the Submit button to complete your assignment submission.

Screen capture of Moodle Panopto submission page highlighting the Submit button.


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