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Account Issue

Get help with account or login issues including passwords, Carleton accounts (single sign on), Duo two-factor authentication, and computer logins.

Account Request

Request changes to existing accounts, account extension, early access, username changes, and more.


Classroom, Lab, or Meeting Room Issue

Get help with issues with projection, audio, the in-room computer, laptop connection cables, and more.

Colleague Issue

Get help with locked records, errors in reports or field values, Colleague or Hub access issues, proxy access problems, and more.

Colleague Request

Request creation of reports, updates to columns or fields in reports, account access and permission changes, and more.

Computer Lab & Classroom Request

Request a future change to a computer lab or classroom technology.

Computer Lab & Studio Reservation

Reserve rooms managed by ITS [NEEDS FINAL REVIEW]


Data Integration & Provisioning Issues

Fix disruptions to data exchange with hosted services

Data Integration & Provisioning Requests

Set up or update data exchange with a hosted service

Data Warehouse Issue

Get help with report errors, data quality or data refresh problems, and more.

Data Warehouse Request

Request access, added functionality, additional data or fields, or a consultation for the data warehouse

Digital Signage Issue

Get help with digital signage issues including display problems or lack of power.


Email & Calendar Issue

Get help with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Mac Mail, syncing to mobile devices, and more.

Email & Calendar Request

Request access changes, addition of rooms to Google Calendar, email aliases for google groups, and more.

Equipment Reservation & Checkout

Reserve or checkout equipment such as laptops, clickers, sound systems, audio-visual equipment, cameras, and more.

Event Support


If you need to use a special Zoom license (Large Meeting or Webinar) or a space, request below


Fax Issue

Get help with fax sending, receiving, or quality issues

Fax Request

Request adjustments to fax recipients, new fax numbers, and more.

File Storage Issue

Get help with Dropbox and Drive, file synchronization or update problems, Google Drive File Sync, the protected drive, and more.

File Storage Request

Request Dropbox team folder creation, Google shared drive folder moves, access changes for the protected drive, and more.


Group Request

Request updates to or new automated groups for Google, Dropbox, printing, Colleague, OnBase, etc...


Hardware Issue

Get help with issues including beeps, blinking lights, dropped or broken equipment, or other physical issues with your devices.

Hardware Request

Request hardware including monitors, keyboards, mice, hard drives, and more.


I need help and don't see what I need...

If you do not see what you need listed below, feel free to use this form - but please note, response may be slightly delayed while we route your request.

Incoming Technology Survey

Incoming Technology Survey

Instruction Request

Request a consultation with an Academic Technologist for in-class instruction sessions and/or assignment support.

IT Consultation or "How do I...."

Get help with non-urgent, exploratory "How do I..." questions or consultations to discuss ideas, options, or questions with ITS staff.


Language Lesson Issue

Get help with Language Lesson issues.

Language Lesson Request

Request a consultation to learn how to implement Language Lesson in your courses.

Lecture Capture

Request consultation about or assistance with lecture capture or classroom recording.


Media Production

Choose this service for non-event video and media duplication

Moodle Issue

Get help with Moodle issues.

Moodle Request

Request meta-course setup, Moodle configuration assistance or ideas, and more advanced Moodle support.


Network Issue

Get help with issues including connectivity or Internet access on Eduroam, Carleton Guest, and wired Ethernet.

Network Request

Request Ethernet port activation changes, or other network services


Office or Equipment Move

Request an office or equipment move involving computers, printers, monitors and other IT-related equipment.

OnBase Issue

Get help with documents or items not saving, data or document issues, or other errors with workflows or processes.

OnBase Request

Request OnBase workflow, document, keyword, folder creation, modification, and more.


Printing Issue

Get help with issues including physical printer jams, streaks, or errors, general printing issues, and PaperCut problems.

Printing Request

Request a printer install, change default settings, student employee printing access changes, and more.

Project Request


Salesforce Issue

Get help with portal access, volunteer login issues, problems with workflows or assignments, and more.

Salesforce Request

Request modification of permissions, additional functionality, license allocation, adjustments of portals, and more.

Server or VM (Virtual Machine) Issue

Get help with server or VM (virtual machine) issues

Server or VM Request

Request creation of or modification to servers or VMs

Single Sign-On Issue

Fix disruptions to SSO integrations with other Carleton Services.

Single Sign-On Request

Set up or update SSO with a hosted service

Software Issue

Get help with issues including crashes, errors, missing or broken features, or other software or application problems.

Software Request

Request software installation or ordering for Carleton-owned equipment.


Taking Home My Carleton-Owned Equipment

This request should be used to report that you're taking your office equipment home for remote work during the COVID-19 social distancing efforts.

Telephone Issue

Get help with telephone issues

Telephone Request

Request speakerphones, extension modifications, new phones or headsets, softphone licenses, and more.


Video Conference Issue

Request help resolving a Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meet issue.

Video Conference Request

Request support or assistance with anticipated Video Conferencing needs.


Website Content Request

Request a new website or web page, changes to an existing site, web design, or website training.

Website Issue

Get help with content or technical issues on your websites or pages, for both Reason and Wordpress

Website Technical Request

Request a URL or access changes to an existing site.