Colleague Issue


For help Colleague issues, including:

  • Locked records
  • Screens not loading, displaying incorrect information
  • Issues with EZ Spooler (EasySpooler)
  • Issues with reports or fields
  • Permission or account issues

Common issue descriptions:

  • There is an error in an SSRS field value.
  • Is Colleague down?
  • Is the Hub down?
  • I can’t print from Colleague.
  • A parent or proxy cannot sign in to the Hub.

More Information

Colleague is the campus software that many administrative departments use to manage their operations. Colleague supports functions like course registration, student transcripts, financial aid, payroll, and the financial bookkeeping for the college.

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Mon 10/28/19 8:48 PM
Mon 12/16/19 1:48 PM